The HGI Cabinetry Process

Step 1

1. Initial Consultation

Your new cabinetry begins with meeting master craftsman Tim Howard. As the Owner-Operator, Tim’s expertise will guide you toward the perfect style of cabinetry to fit your home and budget. Here, he will discuss the terms of business with that will help guarantee your satisfaction with the overall process.

Step 2

2. Design Phase

Meet Cara. As one of our designers, she provides detailed drawings that will ensure your new cabinets have just the right fit in your home. We want your cabinets to bring your home to life and maximize your storage space.

Step 3

3. Selection Phase

HGI’s wide selection of cabinet options is just another way we differentiate ourselves from other cabinet companies. So go ahead – use your imagination, and remember that we can build just about anything you want. Selection of woods, colors, and other small details will all come into play here.

Step 4

4.Production Phase

Your cabinets will be in good hands with our production team, who will produce your cabinets to meet the superior levels of durability and craftsmanship that we set for ourselves. Great communication between the designers and the foremen will ensure your cabinets exceed your expectations.

Step 5

5. Installation Phase

The final phase of our cabinetry process is where it all comes together. The design, selection of materials, and newly constructed cabinets will be installed into your home just as planned from the very beginning. We are proud of the work that we do, and we know that you’ll be pleased to see the finished product waiting for you at the end.

HGI Cabinetry is a full service cabinet company that places a high priority on providing quality products with personalized service.

Our services include hand crafted cabinetry built in our Greenville facility along with other manufactured cabinetry. All cabinets purchased through HGI Cabinetry are built in America.

Our main priority is listening to our customer’s wants and designing cabinetry that best meets their specific needs. Communication is a key element in the design process. We also provide an up to date showroom to provide additional assistance in the creative process. We champion our company on quality and service.

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HGI, or Howard Group Inc, has a strong heritage of cabinetry excellence. You can be confident that you will always have the best in craftsmanship and quality. Our Showroom is available by appointment only.

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