Reclaim the space!

Solutions For Reclaiming That Lost Corner Cabinet Space

We all have them. Those nooks and crannies that exist in awkward corners within our kitchen cabinet designs. Would you love to be able to access every inch of space in a blind corner cabinet and use it to store pots, pans, or pantry items?

This solution is another version of the Cloud Storage.

This solution offers one smooth motion, similar to a train.

HGI Cabinetry offers several solutions to this dilemma! Over the years, the mechanics have really improved to allow you to have multi-shelf organizers that hold between 50-100 pounds, depending on the style. With chrome accents, hard woods, ball bearings and soft close options, the interior of your cabinets can be as stunning as the exterior.

This solution allows you to access every inch of space in a blind corner.

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