Say “No” to dirt and disorganization!

How Mudroom Cabinets Offer a Smart and Functional Solution.

Welcome, Mudrooms are a great additional space to a busy family home. However, if you don’t plan carefully, a mudroom can quickly become a place for dirt and disorganization.

We have a great way to keep clutter and excessive amounts of dirt from making its way into your mudroom by installing quality, custom-made cabinets. While cabinets may not stop soaking wet shoes or muddy paws from walking across the threshold, they can help keep the clutter in check by providing a place to stash leashes, coats, and backpacks, along with all of the other items that come through the door with your family.

Mudroom cabinets are extremely versatile. They can be designed as built-ins, which provide you with a location to stash shoes and gloves, all while giving you somewhere to sit down to put on or take off your shoes and gloves.

You can also choose mudroom cabinets that are “locker-style.” With this style cabinets, you can give each of your family members a designated place to hide away their hats and gloves. We can even add a dry erase surface to the doors for further customization.

Tired of looking at dog bowls? Watch how we created a hide-away drawer to keep things neat and tidy. Maggie approved!

When it comes down to it, our mudroom cabinets (and all our cabinets) can be created to be exactly what your family needs. At HGI Cabintry we know customization provides more than a few benefits in the long run, as well as adds value to your home.

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